The Lean Canvas: Our recommended worksheet for your Customer Discovery process

In the HTRLaunchPad we have been using the Business Model Canvas as a worksheet for recording the things you learn as you do customer discovery. However, we found that most of the important things were those found on the right side of the canvas. The left items were really operational issues. There is also a lack of a place to define your problem and solution- it was incorporated into the Value Proposition box. But then we were turned on to a new version called the Lean Canvas that is much more functional for our general starting-things model. It looks like this (the numbers roughly approximate the chronological order for your discovery process):

Lean canvas worksheet for startups

The idea of this worksheet is to add things you learn and subtract things you found out you were wrong about. You can draw this on a whiteboard and post your discoveries with sticky notes. Some of our teams take a photo every week so they have a record of their progress and the changes they’ve made. Others just revise a digital version and keep the old ones. It’s useful to record your progress as this record can help you raise money and recruit supporters to your cause by engaging them in your customer discovery progress.