The Customer Discovery Matrix: Table of Contents

Section 1) The Basics: Your Toolkit

1-1) Toolkit: Team

1-2) Toolkit: Hypothesis

1-3) Toolkit: MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

1-4) Toolkit: Theoretical Market Personas

1-5) Toolkit: Business Model Canvas

1-6) Toolkit: Peer Teams

1-7) Toolkit: Establish ‘Industry Expert’ Status

1-8) Toolkit: Beginner Mind

 Section 2) The Customer Discovery Matrix

2-1) Matrix: ‘Get Out of the Building!’

2-2) Matrix: Conversations Are Currency

2-3) Matrix: No Selling

2-4) Matrix: Who to Talk To and the Buying Decision Eco-System

2-5) Matrix: How to Contact Them

2-6) Matrix: What to Talk About

2-7) Matrix: Stay in The Problem Space for As Long As Possible

2-8) Matrix: Iteration and Pivot Section

 3) The End Game: Scalable & Profitable


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