Growing Businesses

Want to develop a new product?

Enter a new market?

Supercharge your innovation team?

Customer Discovery will change the way your company does new things.

Are you a growing business with a successful operational base? Ready to break into new markets, develop a new product/service line or repurpose an existing one? Are you looking to move up to the next level and train your team to handle new levels of responsibility? Or, are you facing an innovation challenge?

The Customer Discovery Matrix was specifically designed to work with growing companies facing these challenges. Our experience lies directly in these areas- we’ve been there, made the mistakes and helped companies grow exponentially. That experience is what led us to the Matrix and the system it uses to facilitate growth.

It’s not unusual for a small to mid-size company to plan a strategic change or new product line, assign resources to that change and move forward only to fail because of a misalignment with market needs. The Customer Discovery Matrix gives you model for testing those markets, learning what they really want and aligning your solutions with their most pressing problems- without a large upfront investment in time, money and human resources. And it also helps you ‘fail fast’ when your hypothesis is simply not a good fit: Before you sink significant resources into a project.

Want to learn more? We’ll come in and lead an introductory seminar on The Customer Discovery Matrix and how you might incorporate the process into your company. We guarantee that the experience will be eye-opening and profitable in ways you might not foresee. For more on our seminars and project facilitation Contact us.